Your Poker Pals

It was the mid-90s and three neighbors were sitting around a kitchen table in Denver playing poker. Larry, David, and John had beers in hand and a bowl of nuts on the table. In walks some weird guy, pushed in by David’s wife. Before any of them can ask who this guy is, David’s wife is talking about how Mike is the new neighbor down the road and she thought it would be fun for him to hang out with “the guys.”

Larry, David, and John stare at Mike. Mike looks like he doesn’t want to be there and the other three don’t want him there.

Finally, Larry deals him in and explains the rules of the game. Mike nods and reaches into his wallet for some cash. The first game is Texas Hold’em and no questions are asked.

It’s Mike’s turn to deal. He calls out that he wants to play 5 card stud and all the guys stop to look at him. Apparently, Mike knew some poker games the other guys didn’t. And so they started – the lessons. Jump to present day and these four guys are all still pals!
The Saturday night poker game still happens at the kitchen table at someone’s house. It rotates. Mike taught the three guys about the other hands of poker and each of them took their turn talking about something else having to do with poker.

They’ve all taken trips to Vegas and are hoping to take a trip to Macau one day to see how the Asian poker play varies including the Asian poker tournaments. They’ve also all played in poker tournaments offline and online. John was the one that introduced them to online poker and they’ve been hooked ever since.

After seeing a lot of inexperience at the poker tournaments, they decided it was time to set a few things straight. Mike was tired of everyone only knowing about Texas Hold’em since there are other great versions of poker. Larry and David were tired of telling rookies when it was time to put more money in the pot. And John, well, John decided to just roll with the punches!
He was the one that decided to call the website because he thought it would be great if the website could talk about all of the different poker hands out there – and provide some other information. The four guys have all contributed to the website. They are all eager to find out what people want to know and what they think.